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FEO Issues Notice to Fiji Labour Party to Remove Facebook Post

Under Section 144 A (2) of the Electoral Act, the Fijian Elections Office
(FEO) last month issued a notice to the Fiji Labour Party to remove its
Facebook post.
On 16 th January, the political party posted: BREAKING NEWS
Supervisor of Elections forced to RESIGN’ with immediate effect on their
social media page.
Supervisor of Elections Mohammed Saneem said that the
announcement on FLP page was fabricated.
“It is incredible the extent to which the Fiji Labour Party has gone to
fabricate something and then make it publicly accessible with such high
rate of publication despite fully knowing it to be false and lies” Mr
Mohammed Saneem said.
Members of the public were advised that the information contained in the
same post and Fiji Labour Party’s Facebook page is false and
For the 2022 Election, the Centre for Credible Election Information will
be part of FEO’s public relations campaign so that the spread of
misinformation can be avoided or reported.

Screenshot of misinformation on FLP Facebook Page (1)
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