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FEO issues notice to Facebook Page ‘One Mind One Goal’

The Fijian Elections Office [FEO] has issued multiple notices under Section 144A of the Electoral Act 2014 to the administrators of One Mind One Goal, a Facebook page that is ran by anonymous people riddled with misinformation and personal attacks on many Fijians.

This page has been found to be publishing materials that is incorrect, misleading and designed to misinform Fijians of the registration process that is currently underway.

It is also noted that the said page is using videos from the weekend claiming that voter registrations is happening in school during week days.

The FEO wishes to categorically state that there is no registration process that will take place during school hours for the members of the public in the school premises.

As we had corrected Lynda Tabuya prior to this, we reiterate our position on this matter. Registration for students in schools will commence on 18 April 2022 and full schedules will be posted thereafter.

The FEO anticipates that Facebook will take action on this page considering the amount of misleading information that is being published regarding the registration process.

Going forward we will keep a stringent eye on all the activities of this particular page when it comes to elections and as we understand many Fijians are disappointed with this page and more action is most likely going to be undertaken by the other relevant authorities and all Fijians who have been affected by this page are urged to report this matter to the police.

one mind one goal
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