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Frequently Asked Quesitons

Where to Vote

A polling station is the location at which you can cast your ballot on election day.

You can get your Polling Venue changed at any time convenient to you but before the Writ is issued.

The change of the Polling Venue is part of the services offered at the VSC anywhere in the country.

Mobile registration is similar to VSC and the registration processes may take up to 5 minutes.

The FEO services are pro-voter therefore we do not require extensive bureaucratic processes to provide services such as Mobile Registration. So you do not need to provide more justification than what will probably be a request for Mobile Voter Service.

You can vote only at the Polling Station where you are listed to vote. The

latest VoterCard will have your Polling Venue details written on it.

You can also text your Voter Registration Number to 1500 to get your Poling Venue details.

Postal Voting

Postal voting applications will open on the day that the day of election is announced.

The opening date for postal voting is the day that the day of election is announced and the closing date is 23 days after the issue of the writs at 6 pm. 
Postal voting applications will be accepted by the FEO following the announcement of the date of the election. The closing date for all postal applications is 6 pm which is 21 days after the issue of the writs

Postal voting applications will require a person to sign a declaration and all declaration by law must be signed by the person who is the applicant. Therefore, you cannot apply on behalf of another person.

Every application received by the FEO on the electronic platform is duly acknowledged.

You can apply for postal voting if you are unable to make it to the polling station on the day of the election, by virtue of being at work, by virtue of being disabled or any other reason that will prevent you from going to your polling station. You can also apply for postal voting if you will not be in the locality that your polling station is located in on election day or if you are a voter who has registered to vote from overseas.

You will receive an email notification from the FEO.

The following requirements should be met:

-the applicant is living outside of Fiji or will be outside of Fiji on the polling day;

-because of serious illness or infirmity, the applicant is unable to travel from his or her place of living to his or her assigned polling station;

-the applicant is under pre-trial detention or sentence of imprisonment;

-because of the applicant’s religious beliefs or membership of a religious order, he or she— (a) is precluded from attending a polling station; or (b) for the greater part of the hours of polling is precluded from attending a polling station; or

  • because the applicant will be away from his or her usual place of residence and in a place not convenient to his or her assigned polling station due to work commitments on the polling day.

You will be notified through an email from the FEO within 48 hours of receipt of your application. The postal vote application is immediately determined and if your application is rejected you will be notified that your application is not successful otherwise the Fijian Elections Office operate on the basis of approving all the applications that has been received.

Yes, if an application is declined you can appeal your declined decision to the Electoral Commission and the EC must decide within 48 hours of your application.

You can send a follow up email to the FEO or call the number ______ to follow up on your application

The FEO will start dispatching postal packages as soon as the National candidates list draw is completed and we will be making that schedule publicly known during the election. You can expect to receive your postal package from Writ Day plus 22 days.

The Fijian Elections Office will engage courier services or if you are engaged in an employment at any particular facility we may be directly working through your HR teams to deliver packages to you. It will be sent to your postal box or delivered to your residence depending on the postal address you provide on your application form.

FEO will make known some numbers in which you can contact to obtain your details about your package

We would recommend that any person who has finished marking their ballot paper should immediately send the postal ballot back so that it can make it to the Fijian Elections Office before 6pm on the day the election is held. You will need to send it back before the closing date which is on Election Day. Postal Voting applications will close exactly 3 weeks (21days) before Election Day.

It will close on a specified date which is 23 days after the issue of Writ of elections.

No, the applications close on the 23rd day at 6pm and there are no further extensions granted.

Late applications will not be dealt with and will be rejected.

  • One (1) Voter Instruction Booklet;
  • one Ballot Paper;
  • a Secret Envelope;
  • a Transmission envelope;
  • a Return envelope; and
  • a Postal Voting Process pamphlet.
  • If there is an item        which you feel that is missing inside the package you will have to call the number that         the Fijian Elections Office publishes for postal voter assistance.

Yes, instructions on how to votes will be inside the package, there will be instructions on how to use all the materials that are received by you inside the packages.

Voter Registration

Any person who is:

(i) Over the age of 18 years on or before the day the Writ is issued;

(ii) A Fijian citizen;

(iii) Not serving a sentence of imprisonment of 12 months or longer;

(iv) Not declared to have a mental disorder; and

(v) Not serving a period of disqualification from registration as a voter;

is entitled to be registered as a voter in Fiji. Fijian Citizens registered as

voters, but living overseas are entitled to vote through Postal Voting.

An original or certified true copy of Birth Certificate and any of the valid

photo ID listed below:

(i) Fijian Passport;

(ii) FNPF ID;

(iii) Driving Licence;

(iv) Social Welfare ID;

(v) Employment ID;

(vii) Tertiary Student ID; or

(viii) FRCS/FNPF Joint Card.

You can register to vote at your nearest Voter Services Centre [“VSC”].

You will be required to bring the required documents. Registration is

done in person and this means it will not be done on somebody else’s

behalf. It is unlawful to register more than once.

Voter registration is not compulsory in Fiji but we encourage every eligible Fijian to take necessary steps to register as soon as possible.

In terms of finding information on mobile registration, please call the FEO landline 3316225 and you will be provided with all the information that you need to access mobile registration.

The FEO provides mobile registration services for voters who are unable to come to a VSC by virtue of disability or other means. They can simply call us on the landline number 3316225 and we will organize a team to visit their residence directly.

How to Vote

The Voter Instruction Booklet is a booklet that contain the National candidates list together with instructions on how to mark your ballot paper.

The Voter Instruction Booklet will be one of the most published items closer to the election, you can obtain one directly from the Fijian Elections Office website, Facebook page or any other platform.

Voting is done in three (3) different ways in Fiji. A large majority of voters

will be voting on Election Day. Voters in the maritime and in the highlands

as well as the disciplined forces will be voting in Pre-Poll.

 Postal Voting. option is also available to voters.

In order to vote in the 2022 General Election, you will have to circle or tick or cross the number of the candidate you wish to vote for. You must follow the rules below:

  1.             Vote in person in the Polling Station where your name appears on
  2.             the Voter List.

    iii.            Mark your Ballot Paper in secret at the Cardboard Voting Booth.

  1.             While at the Polling Station you must not announce openly the
  2.             candidate you have voted for.
  3.             Family or group voting at the Cardboard Voting Booth is not allowed.

  vii.            Voting on behalf of another voter is prohibited.

viii.            Once you have put your Ballot Paper in the Ballot Box, you must leave the Polling Station immediately.

  1. Give priority to the elderly, people with disabilities and pregnant women.

  xii.            Adhere strictly to Covid-19 safety protocols.

Pre-Poll Voting

The EC has approved that the following people will be voting in advance

of Election Day.

  1. People living in very remote places.
  2. Residents of nursing homes or health care facilities.

iii.            Members of the Disciplined Forces.

  1. Those under pre-trial detention or sentence of imprisonment.


The FEO has already published the list of venues on which Pre-Poll will take place.

Voters listed to vote in these locations cannot vote on Election

Day. For the 2022 General Election, the FEO will also put Pre-Poll road signs in each of these locations.

Voter Services Centre

(i) Voter Registration;

(ii) Verification of voter details;

(iii) Replacement of VoterCard;

(iv) Reporting deceased voters;

(v) Updating of voter details;

(vi) Upgrading to the latest VoterCard; and

(vii) Application for change of Name.

a.       Suva Voter Services Centre: Old Fiji Visitors Bureau Building, Suva City.

b.      Nausori Voter Services Centre: Commissioner Central’s Office, Level 1, Tailevu House, Nausori

c.       Sigatoka Voter Services Centre: Provincial Administrators Office, Nadroga/Navosa, Lawaqa Park, Sigatoka.

d.      Navua Voter Services Centre: Provincial Administrators Serua Office, Navua

e.       Nadi Voter Services Centre: Shop 3, Westpoint Arcade, Nadi Town

f.        Lautoka Voter Services Centre: 36 Vitogo Parade, Lautoka

g.      Ba Voter Services Centre: Ministry of Youth and Sports, Ba

h.      Rakiraki Voter Services Centre: Provincial Administrators Builing, Rakiraki.

i.        Keyasi Voter Services Centre: DO’s Office, Navatumali Government Station

j.        Wainibuka Voter Services Centre: Nayavu Government Station

k.      Korovou Voter Services Centre: DO’s Office, Waimaro House, Korovou

l.        Levuka Voter Services Centre: Provincial Administrators Office, Totogo Lane, Levuka.

m.    Labasa Voter Services Centre: Legal Aid Building, Jaduram St, Labasa.

n.      Taveuni Voter Services Centre: Womens Federation Hall, Waiyevo. 


Voter Card

The Voter Card is the final product that is given to every voter after the registration process has been completed. You can call it a receipt or proof of registration and it is given free of charge to every voter once they have been registered into the system.

You can register to vote at your nearest Voter Services Centre [“VSC”] and you will receive a voter card. You need to bring the required documents.

The green colored Voter Card that was issued by the Fijian Elections Office has expired. Any person who still is holding onto the green-colored Voter Card must upgrade to the blue-colored Voter Card. The Voter Card has your Polling Venue details written on it which is an essential feature of our elections here in Fiji. Otherwise, the Voter Card maybe expired by the Supervisor of Elections once new features are to be added or security features are to be upgraded to.

If your VoterCard is:

(i) Stolen;

(ii) Misplaced; or

(iii) Damaged.

Urgently visit your nearest VSC to get a replacement.

You must update the details on your Voter Card. If

there are any changes in your voter details, such as name or your address,

you can visit your nearest VSC for updating of your voter details.

After you have updated your details, you will receive an updated Voter Card.

The green coloured VoterCard or ‘VoterCard 1.0’ is expired. We urge all

voters who are still holding on to the green coloured VoterCard to upgrade

to the blue VoterCard by visiting the nearest VSC. The latest VoterCard has

the voter’s Polling Venue written on it.

The FEO appreciates any voter that comes to us to update their voter details or to correct their voter details and as such there are no fees applicable to this process.

In Fiji you can still vote with any ID or without an ID as long as you turn up on that Polling Station where you are registered to vote. In an unlikely event that you have lost or misplaced your Voter Card in the morning of the elections, and you are still aware where you voted in the last election you will proceed to the same venue provided you have not changed your address and still voted in that location. 

Vote Counting

After the close of Poll on Election Day, Election Officials in all the individual

Polling Stations will commence with the counting of Ballot Papers in the

presence of observers and party agents.

Counting teams will start counting Pre-Poll Ballot and Postal Ballot Papers at the National

Count Centre after the close of Poll on Election Day.

After the close of Poll of Election Day, counting of Ballot Papers will continue uninterrupted until it is completed. Results will be announced progressively. Counting at the Polling Station is

final and there is no second count at the Count Centre.

After the results of the Polling Station are recorded in the Protocol of Results, the Presiding Officer will sign off on it and this is witnessed by any two (2) witnesses; Election Observers or Polling Agents. Once the Protocol of Results is witnessed, the Presiding Officer will call the National Results Centre to transmit the results recorded in the Protocol of Results. The National Results Centre receives results from all Polling Stations and the National Count Centre. Provisional results will be given until 7:00am the day after Election. The second (2nd) copy which is pink in color is detached and placed in a publicly accessible area outside the Polling Station. The third (3rd) copy which is green in color is placed inside the Ballot Box for safe keeping. Subsequently the Presiding Officer will place the original copy of the Protocol of Results inside the Tamper Evident Envelope and this will be transported to the National Count Centre after the Polling Day Workers pack-up from the Polling Station.


Results in the 2022 General Election will be announced progressively on the night of elections. The provisional results will be released at every half an hour interval on the FEO Results App. You can download the Results App from the links provided below. Provisional Results will be available in totals by candidates and totals by Party until 7:00am, the day after elections. After 7:00am, the FEO will start a new tally by entering final results from each of the Polling Stations by directly entering the results from the signed Protocol of Results. The final results of the election will be announced up to four (4) days

after the election.

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