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About Us

About Us

Experience from elections held around the world have shown that disinformation and misinformation has become one of the greatest threats to fair and credible elections. This comes in various forms, on various platforms.
In preparation for Fiji’s 2022 general election, the Fijian Elections Office has taken the initiative to setup the Centre for Credible Election Information which will act as a fact checking centre, as well as a resource centre for credible election information on Fijian elections.

The centre is based directly at the Fijian Elections Office and therefore has access to direct and correct information concerning election processes & activities as well as outcomes on various applications received by the Fijian Elections Office or the Electoral Commission.

The centre will work hand in hand with the FEO’s Public Relations Department to ensure that the most credible and genuine election information is published, and where there is misinformation, appropriate corrections are available for a person who wishes to carry out verification. The centre also acts as a capacity building tool for the Fijian public to understand the importance of verifying information prior to accepting it as fact.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     –Supervisor of Elections, Mohammed Saneem

CCEI Objectives

Produce and publish information on the 2022 General Election.

Support the Fijian Elections Office publications framework in terms of dissemination of credible election information

Actively provide clarifications and responses to information that is either misleading or incorrect in relation to the election processes.

Work with agencies to remove misinformation from various platforms including the application of Section 144 of the Electoral Act 2014

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